Popular Jazz Guitarists – Audio

George Benson – Guitar Man

Hello all,I just wanted to let you know about a great album that I highly recommend! It’s George Benson’s latest album entitled “Guitar Man”.  I think it’s just awesome.  Of course, I’m a little biased because I’ve been a Benson fan for years.  But this one’s a little different.First, it’s a little more raw and …

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The Life and Music of Wes Montgomery

Hello all, Just wanted you to take a look a great documentary series that I came across entitled: “The Life and Music of Wes Montgomery”. ┬áThe audio commentary was provided by the awesome jazz singer Nancy Wilson and produced by NPR Jazz Profiles. Experience this excellent audio/video series and learn about one of the original …

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Using Licks and Phrases in Your Solos

The first video in this lesson demonstrates how to play a 2-5-1 phrase in the key of F. Gm7-C7-FMaj7. The concept that I used to create this phrase is the same as with the phrase that we learned last time. I’m basically using a Gm7 arpeggio and then transitioning to a diminished substitution to the …

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