The Life and Music of Wes Montgomery

Hello all,
Just wanted you to take a look a great documentary series that I came across entitled: “The Life and Music of Wes Montgomery”. ┬áThe audio commentary was provided by the awesome jazz singer Nancy Wilson and produced by NPR Jazz Profiles.
Experience this excellent audio/video series and learn about one of the original jazz guitar masters!

2 thoughts on “The Life and Music of Wes Montgomery”

  1. Riccardo Gallazzi

    Thank you Leon, I am downloading those videos on my cellphone and I’ll be watching them later.
    Wes is a sort of God to me, so this documentary is very welcomed.
    I’m sure I’ll learn something new from him.

    Thanks again!

  2. Leon, thanks so much for videos of Mr. Wes Montgomery. His guitar playing and style were second to none. What an innovator and inspiration. I’ve never seen a musician play with such ease and style while looking like he enjoyed every note he played. Wes, simply put was a class act.

    Many Thanks!!

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