Jazz Inspiration and Advice from Russell Malone

Hello all,

I hope everyone had a great holiday season.  Happy new year!  I wanted to start off the year with some excellent videos of Russell Malone, one the best jazz guitarists on the planet.   The first couple videos are of him playing with Dianne Reeves in Paris. The next few are of Russell telling some great stories and giving some great advice jazz players should take to heart.



4 thoughts on “Jazz Inspiration and Advice from Russell Malone”

  1. Leon,

    Thanks for these vids. Russell Malone is one of my favorite artists. I was 1st introduced to him when I was 1st introduced to the music of Diana Krall…I was hooked on his playing just from hearing him in those 1st cd’s of hers.


  2. Hi Leon, this is your boy Greg. Now thats what i am talking about man! you are dealing with all of my favorites .

  3. Hats off to Russell Malone, I love his playing and his humble attitude. I can echo his sentiments about the late great Jimmy Smith. I met Mr. Smith and Mr. Kenny Burrell while they were play Blues Alley in D.C. in the mid to late 90’s. J.S. could be gruff and very direct, I had a chance to meet them in between sets. After playing the Negro National Anthem, he chastised me for not standing. His comment was, you stand for the other one, why not for this one. I don’t think that he was joking, that was just J.S. being J.S..

  4. Jimmy was an awesome player for sure. Stories like the one Russell told need to be told over and over so that they can be passed down to new generations of jazz musicians. It’s difficult for newer players to get that kind of mentoring today.


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