George Benson – Guitar Man

Hello all,

I just wanted to let you know about a great album that I highly recommend! It’s George Benson’s latest album entitled “Guitar Man”.  I think it’s just awesome.  Of course, I’m a little biased because I’ve been a Benson fan for years.  But this one’s a little different.

First, it’s a little more raw and less highly produced that some of his albums of late. It’s sounds like he’s playing with less instruments.  Not a lot of orchestral back up or overuse of synthesiszers.  Mostly the basics.  It must have taken a lot of back and forth with his record company to allow him to finally include tracks showcasing his amazing solo jazz guitar skills.  3 or 4 tracks with solo jazz guitar(chord melody) intros or full tracks (Danny Boy)  He plays these tracks with his thumb (a la Wes Montgomery) as he does on many of the other tracks as well.   My favorites are “Fingerlero” and the Michael Jackson tune “The Lady in my life”.

For us jazz guitar players, there tons of great licks to steal! So, gear up your transcribing software.  You’re in for ride!  Click the picture below to get more info abou the album. Below that is a promotional video for the album. Enjoy. 

To those who have already purchased the album, what you do you think of it? Post a comment below.




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  1. George Benson is the man and has been for a very long time. If could learn just a little of Benson cords and riffs it would take me along way.can you help ?

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